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Your Favorite Tools to Master Medicine All in One Place.

Imagine all of your favorite features—spaced repetition flashcards from Anki, hand-drawn diagrams from Notability, organized notes from Notion—all organized in one place. That’s Traverse.
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Spaced Repetition

Sick of smashing that spacebar all day? Traverse takes spaced repetition to the next level with both written and visual spaced repetition.
*Oh and did we mention you can upload your Anki cards directly into Traverse?
With Anki I felt like studying isolated facts. Now with Traverse I can conceptualize and really master the content.” — Jesus M. ( MCAT student)
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Handwritten Diagrams

Do you ever feel like once you spend time creating your diagram you never come back to use it to study? Traverse integrates your drawings within your mindmaps, your flashcards, and notes. Making your handwritten drawings always worth your time.
“I LOVE using this to help study varying topics (neuroanatomy, medical genetics, human gross, etc)! I am a visual learner and so it has helped me make” — CJ (MCAT student)

Connected. Visualized. Notes

Nothing in medicine is isolated. Traverse allows you to organize your notes within a mindmap structure. Allowing you to connect different topics and subjects, helping you build a semantic network.
Before I didn’t think it would be possible to organize everything I was learning. Now, when I recall a card I can recall its adjacent topics and reason through it.” — Katarina G. (current MCAT student)
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